dog odor on carpet

Why Does My House Smell Like Dog?

We all love our furry buddies but the stink that comes along with them? I don’t think so. Lingering dog smell has its way of embedding itself into your home and this odor seem to linger no matter what type of cleaning you do. And no matter how many times you bathe your pet dog, the “wet dog” smell is always there.

Everybody who has lived with a canine friend is familiar with how they smell. They smell like dogs. For these dogs, this is not a problem. But for us humans, the smell can be overpowering. Not to mention the scent traces your pet leaves behind on the carpet, the furniture, on your car and on your clothes.

Dogs do not Sweat Like Humans Do

They are not capable of perspiring through their pores on the skin like we do. However, dogs do perspire on their paws, and they also produce light perspiration at the tip of their hair follicles which contain a unique chemical scent that is unique to the dog. And while all dogs may smell the same to use, they do not really smell the same to each other.

Dogs Produce Oil from the Hair that gets in the Carpet

Dogs also produce oil which is an essential part of a healthy hair and skin, and this oil also contains its own scent marker unique to the dog. Together with the glands in their ears that generate a light yeasty smell, these are all normal body odors, but it can easily transfer to your carpet and furniture because that is what they intend of doing, to mark their territory. But things can certainly get unpleasant when bacteria and funguses move in, or when the dog’s body systems do not function as they should.

To keep the dog smell at your house minimal, experts suggest keeping your pet fresh and clean and make sure to give your dog regular baths. Carry on with brushing for all furry canine to prevent excess shedding. Cleaning your carpet is also recommended because carpets are a chief source of set-in dog odors. The way a carpet is made means it can trap tons of dander, pet hair and dust. It can easily absorb the musk odor of your pet no matter how many times per week you bathe your pet. You may also want to deep-clean your carpet on a regular basis to keep your house smelling fresh.

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