“Name That Stain” Declared San Jose’s Least Favorite Game

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“Name That Stain” Declared San Jose’s Least Favorite Game

Whether it’s the random pet stain in the living room you just discovered that’s been hiding under your couch for the last three months, or the red wine stain your Uncle left as he rushed to grab the last piece of cheese during a holiday gathering, Genesis Carpet Cleaning is here to make all of those stains nothing but memories.

Carpet, upholstery and mattress stain cleaning is really only a little bit of what we do. What we really focus on is making your space a place you actually want to spend time in again. Enjoyable time. Not just “sitting in the corner staring at a dirty carpet and a grape jelly stain from that time your niece came over and thought it would be funny to feed the floor with her sandwich” time.

From complete cleaning services to stain removal and pet odor control, Genesis Carpet Cleaning prides ourselves on serving the Santa Clara, California community.

Here are just a few reasons you might love our carpet cleaning (and other) services:

  • No more having to explain why there’s an outline of what looks like the United States in mud in the entryway when guests arrive
  • Never having to ask yourself, “Why does everything smell like dogs in here?” again
  • Finally realizing that chair you put in the corner of your bedroom to hide the “great ink explosion incident of 2021” can finally be moved without embarrassment

If your flooring, chairs, sofas, rugs or mattresses need cleaning, Genesis gets the job done.

Maybe it’s not an ink explosion or a tipsy Uncle who left a stain, but from big to small, easy to difficult, Genesis makes it simple to live in a fresh, clean, odor free home that leaves you wondering, “Why didn’t I call Genesis sooner?”