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How Much is my Cleaning Service Going to Cost?

We pride ourselves in delivering quality work at reasonable prices. We believe, that combination is what creates true value for our customers. We’ve built our business on this principle.

Please enter the total square footage of carpet area, or linear feet of furniture to be cleaned, or the total amount of stairs you would like to clean. This page will instantly give you an estimate of the cost of the job. You can also add scotch guard to each item as well.

Below is a table to help you estimate the average size for rooms in your home.

Quick Room Size Estimator

Master Bedroom
150 – 200 SqFt

125 SqFt

Living Room
200 SqFt

100 SqFt

Dinning Room
200 SqFt

Family Room
200 SqFt

50 – 150 SqFt

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Upholstery Linear Foot Estimator

Dinning Chair
2 Linear Feet

Small Recliner
3.5 Feet

Large Recliner
4 – 5 Feet

Love Seat
6 Linear Feet

3 to 4 Person Couch
7 – 9 Feet

L Shaped Sectional
10 – 20 Feet

U Shaped Sectional
20 – 30 Feet

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Pricing for Mattresses

  • California King $150
  • King $125
  • Queen $100
  • Full or Double $90
  • Twin $80

Pricing for Area Rugs

  • 5×5 and under $20 to $70
  • 10×10 and under $70 to $100
  • 15×20 and under $100 to $200


Due to increasing overhead costs, insurance, advertising, gasoline, etc. $120 is the least amount that we are able to charge for any services performed at your home or business location.

All Townhouses / Condos will be priced at our deep scrub cleaning cost due to the complexity and setup of each unit. Townhouses / Condos often take 2 to 3 times longer than a single family home.