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  • Spotting Guide

    The key to successful spot removal is getting to it as quick as possible. Keep this page book-marked, or make a copy of it so you will be able to refer to it when you need it. Be sure to let your friends and family know about this spotting guide so they will be able

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  • Why you want a clean, healthy carpet!

    Which is more important to you: a clean carpet – or a clean and healthy carpet? Yes, I assure you, there is a big difference. Each carpet cleaning method has advantages and disadvantages. Some methods will get out only the dirt. Other methods will get out dirt and grease. Still others will get out virtually

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  • The importance of value and price

    Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. When you select a carpet cleaner, you’ll choose from a wide variety of cleaning methods and prices. Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water extraction from a truck-mounted unit, and using a portable unit only in areas where a truck-mounted unit won’t

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  • Crawlin’ critters and crud: a guide to the slime, grime and livestock that’s sleeping, creeping and galloping through your carpet

    Asphalt. Bacteria. Car Exhaust. Chemicals. Dirt. Dust. Earth. Food. Particles. Fungus. Germs. Gravel. Grease. Grime. Grit. Hair. Industrial waste. Lint. Mud. Pet stains. Pollens. Pollutants. Rock. Sand. Scum. Smoke. Soil. Soot. Tar. Tobacco smoke. Urine. Vomit. (Will you help us? We’re trying to find at least one thing that’s in your carpet for every letter

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  • Which method cleans best?

    Dry foam: The carpet cleaner applies shampoo to your carpet, allows it to dry, and then, without rinsing, sucks the dried shampoo into a vacuum. This method leaves dirty residue in your carpet. Low-moisture foam: A low moisture cleaning foam is brushed into the carpet fibers. The soils are suspended in the foam and extracted

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  • 6 mistakes to avoid when choosing a carpet cleaning

    MISTAKE #1: Choosing a carpet cleaner based on equipment alone. No question, your carpet cleaner needs first rate equipment. But he/she also needs something else: employees who are skilled at operating that equipment. Many companies own hot-water extractors, but very few companies teach their employees how to use them properly. The best way to know that

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  • How to avoid four carpet cleaning rip-offs

    RIP-OFF #1: UNBELIEVABLY LOW PRICE To some degree, all of us are attracted by low price because we want to work within a budget. But some carpet cleaners use price as the bait for their false and misleading advertising. They offer a cheap price – usually between $13.95 and $19.95 per room – and then, once

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  • 6 costly misconceptions about carpet cleaning

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