The Best Ways to Clean an Old Wine Stain from Carpet

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The Best Ways to Clean an Old Wine Stain from Carpet

Sometimes our most enjoyable dinners can be interrupted by wine accidents. We may not even bother to remove the wine stain that evening. However, the next day or days later, it can be difficult to remove a wine stain that has waited and dried. First, let’s take a look at the cleaning methods we can do at home.

Perhaps many of us do not know that shaving cream has a stain remover feature. In order to get rid of the red wine stain spilled on the carpet, it is possible to clean it with the help of a wet dish sponge by pouring shaving cream on the stained surface.

Sometimes the wine stain can be dried and more stubborn. In these cases, a large amount of carbonate and salt can be poured onto the stained area.

Mineral water can also help you remove a red wine stain. You can clean the soiled area by pouring some mineral water and carefully wiping the stain with a damp cloth.

White vinegar, which is an acidic solution as intense as alcohol, is the substance that will help us the most here. This substance contains a lot of acid in its content and is the most effective method for this type of difficult stains. White vinegar is effective in removing many stains, and it is also very adept at removing this stain. It easily removes especially red wine stains. What you need to do before applying white vinegar is to treat the carpet with water and thin the stain. In this way, you can remove most of the pigments that make up the stain from the surface. Then you can proceed to the application. Make a solution by mixing one tablespoon of liquid dish soap (preferably concentrated), one tablespoon of white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water in a large bowl. Be sure to use white vinegar for this method, otherwise it will not be effective. You can apply the mixture you prepared to your carpet with the help of a brush.

If these procedures are not the solution for you, you can try the stain cleaning method with white wine, which is a bit risky. When red wine spills on the carpet, white wine can sometimes be the cure. White wine can neutralize red wine in some cases, making it easier to remove the wine stain from the carpet. Pour some white wine over the wine-stained area. Absorb the spilled wine on a clean towel. After soaking up most of the white wine, use a new wet towel to press the wine stain off as if you were cleaning a small stain on the carpet. Then use a dry clean towel to dry the carpet.

With these simple methods, you can get rid of dried wine stains. However, if you still can’t get rid of these stains, if you are unsure of what to do, or if the wine-stained carpet was produced using multiple fiber types or special dyes, it would be good to seek support from Genesis Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services, which provides professional carpet cleaning services. You can make an online appointment by clicking here or you can reach us by calling this number (408) 426-0613.